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Pre-publication Reviews and Comments:

There is no one who has written more thoughtfully than Kelley Winters about the damage inflicted on transsexual and transgender people by pseudo-scientific psychiatric nomenclature and professional arrogance. In this book, she lucidly lays out the conflicts and some potential solutions for resolving the power struggle between some psychiatrists and psychologists, who are supposedly objective authorities, and trans people themselves, who are seeking autonomy, dignity and integrity. In the battle over DSM-V, this book provides some desperately needed understanding.

Jamison Green, MFA, author of Becoming a Visible Man

As long as our identities are regarded as a disorder we will never attain equality. Our rights and our lives depend on overturning this misogynistic idea. Kelley has been fighting for years to undo the damage this slanderous and dehumanizing diagnosis has caused.We all need to join this battle.

Denise Leclair, Executive Director, International Foundation for Gender Education.

Kelley Winters has compiled a remarkable collection of short essays examining the diagnosis of Gender Identity Disorder [GID] in the DSM and the role it has played in creating mental health problems for transgender people. Dr. Winters has long been a leader in deconstructing the psychiatric labeling of people with atypical gender expressions, and this book brings the discussion up-to-date, with a front row examination of the APA Committee formed to determine the fate of the GID diagnosis.

Gender Madness in American Psychiatry examines a broad array of issues from how the GID diagnosis is used to justify reparative therapy for gender-variant children and the historical context for psychiatrically labeling of sexual minorities. Dr. Winters critiques the half-baked diagnoses of transvestic fetishism and autognyephila with a sharp scalpel, presenting lucid evidence for the lack of scientific data to justify these gender-related diagnoses. Most importantly, Dr. Winters outlines the damage caused to transgender, transsexual, and other gender nonconforming people who are labeled with a mental illness.

Dr. Winters examines the current membership of the APA committee who will determine the inclusion and language used in the revision of the DSM. She outlines the lack of diverse viewpoints represented on this committee and the varied responses of the transgender community to address these shortcomings. Dr. Winters challenges the APA committee to address ten specific issues with the GID diagnosis, a challenge that will not be easy to ignore. Gender Madness in American Psychiatry is a well-written, well-reasoned argument for the reform of Gender Identity diagnoses in the psychiatric nomenclature, offering powerful proof that labeling someone "mad," may make them mad enough to fight back.

Arlene Istar Lev LCSW, CASAC, author of Transgender Emergence and The Complete Lesbian and Gay Parenting Guide. See

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